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Enhance Your Well Being and Age Gracefully

Growing older can involve moments of both joy and stress. As individuals age, their health and social situations are likely to change. This stage in life can include loss of independence and decline in physical and emotional health.

Caregivers/partners often find it difficult to access resources or know what support to offer which leads to stress and caregiver burden. While wisdom comes freely with age, reaching out to gain another perspective can help you move forward to restore your/others’ wellbeing.


With empathic care, I will assist you to navigate transitions giving you confidence to manage life challenges. Working collaboratively, I will support you to regain meaning and purpose in your life.

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About Me

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Colleen Martin (she/her),

Therapy Modalities

Strengths based 

Narrative therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Mindfulness/Self Compassion


Solution based therapy


I am a Social Worker with professional training, practice, and personal experience supporting adults and their caregivers. My Masters of Social Work training from the University of Toronto included a focus in gerontology and specialization in Aging, Palliative & Supportive Care Across the Life Course. With over 10 years of experience working with adults, I offer my expertise and insight as I work with you and your family.  A number of personal factors led to my focus working with adults. I actively assisted my parents as their health declined, my mother’s dementia journey, and my sister-in-law’s physical and mental health after a traumatic brain injury. These experiences and many others have enabled me to be a strong guide and advocate. My desire is to assist you to face challenges on your path of life, whether you are an older adult or a caregiver. Colleagues have told me that I am an active listener and provide warm reassuring support.


Areas of Specialization

Age Related Transitions (i.e., health changes)

    Stress, Anxiety and Depression

       Retirement, Finding Meaning

         Cancer Support/ Resources

             Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)

                Living Actively and Independently

                   Care Partner/Care Giver Stress and Burden

                      Communication Strategies 

                        System/ Resource Navigation

                           Transition to Retirement Home/Long Term Care


                                  Acquired Brain Injury 

                                       Advanced Care Planning

                                           Safety Planning

                                               End of Life Decisions and Palliative Care

                                                   Loss and Grief  Counselling


My Services


Collaboratively working with you, I will assist you to manage challenges in your life, to restore your sense of meaning and purpose and reduce your feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.


I can guide you to find practical skills/tools and suggest strategies to improve communication with others with the intent of lessening your stress and burden.


I can help you to navigate available community supports and resources that will increase your well being and ease the challenges you face.



Colleen Martin, BSW, MSW, RSW

Registered Social Worker

(226) 909-6786

Complimentary 30 minute virtual consultations are available to determine if my services are a good fit for you.

Contact me by email to inquire about my services. If you do not receive a reply within one business day, please follow up by a phone call. I do not provide crisis services. If you are in a crisis call 911 or HERE 24/7 Mental Health and Crisis Services at 1.844.437.3247

*in-person appointments are available for Waterloo Wellington residents.

Serving Residents of Ontario virtually*



$140(online) and $150(in person) per 60 minute appointment. An e-transfer payment is due at the time of service and is charged in accordance with the contracted terms of service. If you are limited in your ability to pay full fees, inquire about my discounted fee options.

Insurance coverage

After each session, I will provide you with a receipt. Most insurance providers cover a portion of social work services. Please ask your health insurance company about coverage.

Scheduling an Appointment

Book your initial complementary 30 minute consultation here. After you consent to the terms of service, we will schedule your first appointment. The first session will include me getting to know you, the challenges you are facing and together we will develop an action plan. Appointments are held through video call or phone call.


I have spent the last few years in various stages of grief and fear and frustration and anger. I’m not sure half the time if I am doing things right with my mom, or screwing things up, but I do know that none of that matters. What matters are the moments spent with the people you love. What matters is setting judgement and resentment aside so that tolerance and patience and kindness can move into your soul and live there in their forever home... It takes bravery to share your troubles. It takes grit and guts and gumption... I feel much less alone for having reached out. Losing someone an inch at a time is extremely hard. What I’ve learned is that no matter what comes you’ve got to wrap yourself in all the goodness you can muster.

- Jann Arden, Feeding My Mother (2019) 

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